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Firstly, before i talk about myself, its always absolute priority to let you know about my guru.

Tasmayi Shri Guruway Namah!
(Om I bow to that master form!)

I am an initiated disciple of Sad-Gurudev, Paramhansa Nikhileshwaranada. His householder from is famous world wide as Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. Clearly, he has been the man of the century. His name is synonymous with expertise in the fields of Tantra-Mantra-Yantra, Astrology, Yoga, Ayurveda, karmakand and vedic sciences.

At present he resides in his astral form in siddhashram of Himalayas, the Land of all the enlightened masters, where souls such as Maha Avtar babaji, Shakracharya, Yogananda… and even Gautan Buddha feel honoured to be in his company. They all reside in the divine place in their Astral forms, and my gurudev is the organiser of Siddhashram.

Please remember : I do not serve as sub guru to my guru, rather i only work to spread forward his efforts spread light on topic of Indian spiritual sciences for physical mental and spiritual upliftment of every being on this world. If for this our Yogic, tantrik, mantrik, astrological arts, learnt from him, are required, we do.

Sad-Gurudev Paramhansa Nikhleshwar-ananda Ji

And then ofcourse, i have always been supported by the Primordial God and Tantra master, my dear Shiva himself. he has been the base of my Sadhnas even before i got initiated.

Shiva has been my spirit guide and protector in all my sadhnas till today (In all my lives!).

Mam Gurudevo Maheshwaro Namo Namah!


Professional Bio :

Himanshu Chaudhary

CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

PLt (Past Life Therapist)

DYN (Diploma Yoga and Naturopathy)

Physician Yoga and Naturopathy (DYN from Chandra College of Yoga and Naturopathy, Iskon Delhi, an affiliate of Indian Institute of Yoga and Naturopathy, as recognized by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine)

Vedic Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Tantra Consultant

He is an initiated disciple of Sadguru Paramhansa Nikhileshwarananda in the mantra science and Tantra Arts, with over 10 years experience in practice and helping people towards positive life.


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About Myself :

My Impression of Myself

Spiritual… silent… simple…. sober…. single-minded…. self-disciplined… introspective… even self directed at times… deep and penetrative upto spiritual depths of understanding… and a man with perspicacity.

I have been fascinated by the Ancient Spiritual Sciences of India since childhood.

And specifically, I have myself been fascinated, hence associated with word Hypnotism as such since age 12 ( i remember being in 6th grade when i first read the Book practical hypnotism by Dr Narayan Dutt Shrimali).

Since then it had been my thriving desire to learn the absolute depths of these spiritual healing sciences and contribute my bit to growth of these sciences and peoples healing.

It may have been school days, or College Life in Delhi or the actual Hypnotherapy from CHI… one thing which i always kept going is my spiritual pursuits. I specifically enjoyed reading stuff from masters likes Dr Shrimali, Osho, Maha-Avtar Babaji, Yogananda, , … and ofcourse the traditional Indian spiritual texts which include, Upnishads, Shiva Sutras, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and many more.

And most of all, a string of Sadhnas (Spiritual practices), firstly yogic and later Mantrik, have been my.core of my spiritual side since childhood.

So because of my Sadhak and researcher nature, I often like to spend lot of time in Silence and solitude for self understanding, meditations…so i don’t like to create a train of people i cannot even attend. I like to live by quality over quantity principle. (Even for clients, i like to offer quality more)

And if you do accost me with genuine reason/heart, then expect genuine heart and help.

Still, As for peoples impression of me, ones which i hear of :

I am a A Mind Freak to some… A Spiritual Freak to some…Yogi to some… A Tantrik to some… A Pagan to some… An Occultist to some… The Necromancer to some… The Sorcerer to Some…

I think, a Spiritual Scientist with intellect that dwells not just outside but more so on the inside 😉

I like to live as open book for most part. Simplicity is beauty for me.

I am always a student of life…
I am doctor and teacher on physical, mental and little to spiritual planes…

More than being a “worker light”, i am more like the silent warrior of light (one of the directions where my passion lives,

Learning, Practicing and Teaching spiritual healing sciences with zeal!
Want to know more? Send me a mail 🙂

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