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Aim Health Volunteering

If you interested in the magic land India, and hence offering volunteering services to the poor of suburban and rural parts in India, Aim Health Overseas community provides wonderful opportunity to have a volunteering experience of lifetime.


Delhi AksharDham Temple

AimHealthOverseas is a social development oriented community based volunteer organization, which is working in Rural and Urban areas of Delhi NCR. Our Mission is to provide volunteers with a customized program that will enable them to make a significant contribution to the people of India.

Our abroad programs in India include volunteer work in the area of orphanage assistance, teaching, health care, community development and others. Volunteers can participate in most of the programs anytime all year round. People with ages from 16 to 60 years are welcome.


 Our programs are not designed only for university students on vacations, anybody from any profession or non professional background are accepted to volunteer with us so far as they have the motivation, charisma, initiative, drive and the compassion to assist the underprivileged overcome their challenges and their struggles for dignity.

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