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An Ideal Total Package for Beginers

In the ideal Package, we offer brief Introduction to all aspects of Yoga Tantra and Meditations

This is the ideal package for volunteers and tourists who wish to learn the additional benefits of Indian spirituality in a precise and crisp format, to make best of their time during their visit.

Teaming with Aim Abroad for Volunteering and Touring Programs In India

This is a one week package.
Including Stay with a Host Family in India. (City : Gurgaon)

The Package Includes :

Introductory theory study of structure of Yoga and Tantra. (with printed notes).

Practical demonstrations from instructor in the Morning. (1-2 hour, 7am to 9am)

Self Practice time after Demonstration (1 hour )

Spiritual Tourism in Gurgaon. (After Breakfast)

Language and cultural immersion with Indian Families.

And Self study time allotted

Evening Meditation Class. (1 hour). (6pm to 7pm)

(Note : Ahead from this, weekend tour can be arranged, to Jaipur Hrishikesh, but for that please specify in advance and charges are extra)

Please Note :

Its important to submit in advance our questionnaires on

Your Desired achievement through Yoga.
Your present health status.
And your daily life time constraints.

At Aim Yoga Tantra Meditation, we aim to provide practical, easy to apply daily life Yoga and Tantra meditation techniques for every type of clients.

That is why your yoga study will be by and large Tailor made for you and your needs. Only the time structure of 7 days for whole package is defined.

Services Details :
The basic Amenities and travel details are all covered as per AimAbroad, which include

The Whole Package comes at very nominal price of 150 Euros.

–Lodging at a host family
–Network power, western toilet, good hygiene conditions, hot running water
–Meals three times a day
–Transport between home and place of work
–Pick-up from the airport
–24-7 telephone helpline
–Round the clock medical assistance
–Telephone, broadband internet, public facilities in the vicinity
–Sight seeing (Gurgaon city only),

Weekend trips can be arranged for places like: Agra, Mathura, Jaipur, Rishikesh etc.(kindly note that your trip will be on your own expense.)

Note-: Not included in the program

–Visa fees
–Travel to/from India
–Spending money
–Any entrance fee during sightseeing and trips

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