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Yoga FAQ

Q. Is Yoga useful only for people who want to devote their life to spiritual practices?
A. As per the traditional Vedic view, although its true that Yoga was devised by saints and sages who were devoted with single purpose of god realization and attaining supreme inner peace , but in reality, even the person who’s deeply feels that his life’s main priority goals are some set of worldly desires like money, fame, emotional attachments, sex etc.

The worldly man is also, on a path of supreme realization only, its just that his soul chosen a destiny of experiencing earthly tastes. also . So that is also part of his overall spiritual growth. Although, the type of Yogic practices for a full time ascetic differ from what is prescribed for common householder.

Still, we strongly believe, “Yoga can be, and should be made a part of daily life by each and every person in the world”.

Q. Can I practice yoga anywhere?
A.  It is one of the biggest advantages of Yoga that it can be done anywhere. Unlike gym, swimming pools.. and other workout methods that involve some external help, Yog helps you become totality independent for physical workout, as well as life itself.

Q. Is it Scientifically Proven?
A. Yes! You can read new articles published for scientifically (Biologically) measured effectiveness of Yoga by Asans and Pranayam.

Infact, Yoga is accepted as a form of therapy and healthy lifestyle, by Indian Board of Alternate Medicine. You can check AYUSH site here for official references.

Q. Is Yoga very tough and demanding?
A. The word tough often depends upon the person, We certainly do not teach or prescribe type of yoga which will be very tough for the student.

However, “Self-Discipline” is the key to success. A teacher can only give, the student must atleast keep receiving it!

Yoga is a science, it is a spiritual discipline and a science must be applies as per the instruction for the right results to appear.

Q. What if i have underlying health problems, Will I be able to do Yoga if I am very stiff?
A. The stiffness maybe of mind or body, is not a permanent thing, but a stage in overall progress. In reality, stiffness is felt only at early stages, as you continue practice, its keeps reducing.

We at aim Yoga provide Tailor made instruction for clients, keeping in mind their present physical health status and their desired priorities to achieve in life through yoga.

Tantra FAQ

Q. Does Tantrik rituals include Black Magic? Are there any adverse-effects?
A. Tantra is a science, free of ethics and moral by itself. Still, how a person uses a science is upto him. If someone wants to use it with ill will… then it can be called Black magic which has side effects as very subtle karma.

But if someone wants to use Tantra with good wish for oneself and others, then its is pure white magic so as to say. So more than Tantra, this answer depends upon the person and his intention.

Q. How much time does it take for Tantrik Remedies to show results?
A. The real time taken often depends upon the intensity of the case, still results usually start becoming prominent within a month. The main time taken is for first the Sadhna and then a week or two for effect of sadhna to settle down and manifest.

Q. Is Sex essential part of Tantra Meditation?
A. The Truth is, only a selected few types of Tantra meditation or rituals actually involve sex. It depends upon which type of Tantra the teacher suggests as per clients nature… and most of all, what student wants. at the end of the day, it is your free will to choose your type of tantra, sexual or a-sexual.

Spiritual Services FAQ

Q. Is Vedic Astrology same as Western Astrology?
A. Although the base of both system is same, both deal with calculating impact of planets, stars and cosmos for knowing a persons past and future… but after starting from a common point of origin, they take a very different path.

Q. Is Vastu Science related to Astrology?
A. The answer is, in a way yes and in a way no. Vastu and Astrology are two separate spiritual science, still if you take intersection, then there are some common points.

The true answer is, Astrology is actually a more subtle level science… where as Vastu deals with making right the impact of 5 Elements outside a living being, Astrology deals with helping understand and solve the inner, more subtle aspects of being as his “Antah Karan” (inner Causal = Mind + Intellect + Subconscious Record + Ego)


Vastu can be a part of astrology, as astrology directly tells a persons basic lifescript, and if someone is destined to suffer from a Vastu defect, even that is reflected in his birth chart. Fixing the housing aspect of life script can help one gain a good house which may have naturally good Vastu.

Astrology can be a part of Vastu, as the different blocks of floor planning in Vastu are dedicated to different deities, and the 3*3, that is 9 block system uses the 9 Planets system, hence the effect of 9 planets on various parts of house.

However, we recommend it is best to take a separate approach towards both…. one must make holistic efforts to fix things at all levels, subtle and gross. Even if you have problem in one, fixing the other separately automatically aids fixing the first. And lastly, its best to ask the professional what is best! So feel free to consult us 🙂

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