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Spiritual Hypnosis (Past Life Therapy)

While Yoga is a good way to become self reliant in many ways and to prevent new diseases/problems from coming up

At times there is need for instant therapy from external help also. And most times, it is wiser and much faster way to first get the over all external cleansing done at mental level also before one dives in to realms of Self growth by own efforts alone.

For such a purpose, Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest way to clear Karma from this lives and lives together.

Hypnotherapy will help you in :

Stress Relief and Better Self Management
Weight Loss Discipline and Management
Fear Phobia Removal
Weight Loss
De-Addiction from Smoking, Drinking, Drugs
Past Life Therapy

And Much more!

For More info for your needs, please visit out site at :

Spiritual Healing Hypnosis       Hypnosis for Healing with Himanshu 🙂