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Astrology (Vedic)

Veda-And Jyotish

The Veda’s are said to be the Primordial source of all knowledge in world, hence all Indian Spiritual Sciences as well. There were further developments of Vedic sciences into six sub parts known as Ved-Ang (Veda-Parts) out of which, the prediction science is called :

“Vedang Jyotish” = Veda Part Astrology

It has basically two parts to it :

A) Phalit Jyotish (Predictive Astrology)
B) Ank Jyotish (Numerology)

Jyotish = Jyoti (light) + Ish (God)

So Jyotish really a Divine light (knowledge) which helps us know ourselves and hence our future also better as purpose of this Ved-Ang is to throw light on a persons karma account from lives together, so that he is able to understand it and overcome the pending destiny thereof.

The Indian seers have developed a system of knowing these past lives effect on person, as a link between the micro-cosm (a persons soul) and macro-cosm (the planets, stars and universe).

Astrology deals with helping understand and solve the inner, more subtle aspects of being as his “Antah Karan” (inner Causal = Mind + Intellect + Subconscious Record + Ego)

Ones a person is aware of his core soul nature (the natural passion, talents) and the karmik accounts (the good and bad), then he is able to plan a successful and prosperous life path using the knowledge core nature, and also avoiding the karmik road blocks (or using karmik boons if you chart has auspicious combinations!)

Still, To know the balance between “Destiny and Willful Action”

And to be able to change or minimize inauspicious destiny, its must to first know the lifescript by sciences like Jyotish.

Astrology helps you get guidance in so many affairs like :

What is the best education for you?
What is the best career for you?
What are the traits for your prospective spouse?
What is the best place/direction for your new house/join?

What obstacles will come in your marital or work life?

And many more…

The 12 houses of a Birth Chart, the 12 Zodiac cover up all aspects of a human life, from head to toe, inside soul to outer body, from birth to death! Astrology covers all!

The Solution for everlasting questions?

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