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Tantra Occult Remedies

Please understand, there is a lot of difference between “Tantra Occultist Remedies” and the “Astrological Remedies”

Even for the Classical Astrology, one must remember “The Primary Job of an Astrologer is Descriptive, his secondary job is prescriptive”

However, Tantrik Remedies are more freestyle and versatile.

As seen today, almost every Astrologer in country is fooling you by telling you special Pujas as astrological remedies. If you have fair understanding of spiritual science, you will realize those are actually lower Tantrik things/acts.

They are selling partial Tantra Remedies under name of Astrological Remedies, and most people dont have authority of that, as given pure science without the required spiritual morality understanding, can lead to worsening the clasps of karmik suffering.

Still for those who know both Sciences thoroughly, here is the truth

“Where Astrological remedies end… Tantrik Occult Remedies Start!”

Please remember, I may take up or right fully delegate your request for Tantra remedy, but I do not serve as Guru for people here. So we can help you through Tantrik Karma, but please dont request to learn these from us.

And even your request for us to do, shall only be taken up after due consideration, because this actually involves “Taking up your Karmik learning” on part of the practitioner.

Tantrik shatkarma are a type of Karma.

And like every rational person in world, we shall hold the right to use our wisdom to choose our karma. Thank You.

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