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The True Definition of Tantra

The word “Tantra” is said to have its Roots in Atharva Veda, and this Veda in itself is called “Vigyan Kand” (Scientific Chapter of Vedas). Hence, in the most literal Terms

Please Remember :
Tantra = Technique/System

In reality, the word tantra is silently used in so many Sanskrit and Hindi words like :

Swa-Tantra = Self System (Independent)
Par-Tantra = Others System
Lok Tantra = Public System (Democracy)
Praja-Tantra = Political System (Republic)
Nadi-Tantra = Nervous System

As you can see, the word Tantra in itself is free from any biases or morals as such. It all depends upon the purpose. Infact, you can even say word Tantra in itself is incomplete unless the motive is defined:

Shiva : The God of the Gods, the Master of the Masters, the Primordial Tantra Guru, Om Namah Shivay! Har Har Mahadeva!





The True Purpose of Tantra
If you want to know purpose of Tantra… first ask yourself :Q. What is the purpose of Technique/System?
A. In reality purpose of every Technique/system is to make things/actions organized and regulated, co-ordinated to provide an easier way for getting any task done.

The main question is always, Tantra = Technique… for what?

It is the purpose of doing or achieving something, that defines the type of Tantra (system/technique) you will choose. When it comes to choosing a path, technique for attaining supreme realization, then Tantra means a technique for Spiritual attainment.

Tantra is a very high level subtle spiritual science, which operates on the most subtle laws of nature, enabling one to use the most subtle energies (of deities) in desired manner. And since it is a science, it is not moral or immoral, it is Amoral. Like a knife, how one uses, is his intent and karma.
(Please remember : Just because it is Amoral, doesn’t mean it escapes the law of karma.)

So the type of tantra depends on your wish/purpose :

Even the Spiritual Level Tantra can be classified for two basic purposes :

a) Spiritual Growth

When a person chooses path of using powers of spiritual entities and path of indulgence for God realization, then it is called Spiritual Tantra for Spiritual Growth. There can be many ways for it, many rituals and meditations and their combinations. (The Spiritual Sex is a small part of this)

b) Material Growth 

When a person chooses path of using powers of spiritual entities and path of indulgence for gaining wordly things like wealth, vehicles, land property, desired child, enemy destruction, relieve health problems, get wine, desired relationship (opposite sex attraction), get promotions, name fame, foreign visit  etc…

In short, fulfillment of any desire other than god realization… to gain happiness, this comes under category of worldly purpose, then it is called Spiritual Tantra for Material Growth. (Most of the Occult part of Tantra deals with this purpose).

Please Note : Although we have listed as two different purposes, but in reality they are always inter-related at many points.

Like if someone is truly indulged in Spiritual upliftment, then God himself tries to fulfill his material needs.

If some one is interested in only worldly gains by Tantra, then also he needs to build and retain certain spiritual level, to be able to use tantra for such purpose.

Tantra Training (Sadhna) :  
Actually Tantra (spiritual one) is not something you can learn on a weekend… or even a full time one months crash course, Believe me, if you take a crash course then you will crash. In reality. Even 10 lifetimes are said to be less to learn all of Tantra if one goes by the manual method of actually reading and practicing everything. Workshops can be arranged on Tantra, but they are only meant to be sharing information. Knowledge can only be gained by practicing itStill, it happens by grace of a true guide, a Guru, that he tells you the best tantra for your soul nature and your purpose, you excel in one, and automatically, you gain experiences of others too.

If you consider spiritual growth, then as they say, the goal is one, God. Once you realize him through one path, you just become part of his mind and his mind knows everything.

At Aim Yoga Tantra Meditation, we provide easy to learn and apply Tantras for your everyday life issues and your steady spiritual growth.

Please check the section ” Types of Tantras ” to get a brief introduction of right tantra for you.

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