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Tantra and Sex

Today, especially in the modern western world, its common to see Tantra has become synonymous with the word “Sexual meditation”, and people think of it as part of Kama Sutra. And hence there is a need to clear a few misconceptions :

Please lets be very clear,
“””Tantra is not a part of sex… rather sex can be a very minuscule part of Tantra”””

The Absolute Truth is… “There are many Types of Tantras and 95% types don’t have anything to do with physical or even mental sex. It is hardly a thin line, atmost 5% types which include physical or mental sex. And these days people are popularizing only that part as that’s what sells.

Tantra says, “God is for everyone”… every mindset, and hence even for a person who may have a very strong liking for it… even sex can be used as a medium to enter state of union. And even the Kama Sutra, is just a mere Sutra (thread) for the whole journey.

And if you look at it in practicality, almost every human being in world does like to experience sex sometime in life, or else, how do we have the human population?

lets say, if out of 7 Billion People in this world, 3-4 billion have sex, then this type of Tantra is a very practical thing every one of them.

Sex can be practiced for :

a) Reproduction : Giving Birth to Children
b) Sensual Pleasure, Self enjoyment
c) Spiritual Upliftment

The Spiritual sex is very different from first two though…

The only thing is to make the act a little more conscious and organized, with a technique.

And Tantra = Technique

There are some Tantras which can be used as “Sexual Meditation”.

A person can learn a sex oriented Tantra, technique for better sex, greater orgasmic experience… one which can be deep and intense enough to dissolve ones mind and soul into super conscious.

In that state of consciousness, the primordial Shakti (Energy) called Kunalini can be meditated upon. It can nourish your every Chakra, and tingle your each and every cell tissue and fibre, rejuvinating your mind, soul and physical body. (Infact this why people like sex, they just dont know this science behind it, think what you can achieve once you know how to enter this state at will.)

So you may be Yogi or a mere common householder, learning the essence of such practices for a happy and spiritually beneficial conjugal life with your other half, is always a very wise investment for lifetime.

Apart from this, for the occult lovers, certain sex based Tantra’s can also be used in some  advanced occultist practices.

There is something people call as “Sex Magic”. And to be honest, its not a myth, it is a reality. And it has a very definite spiritual science behind it too.

How greater energy can be generated by sex. And why so many Tantras even point to chanting mantras in Yoni.

Answers to all these question is based on the aforesaid principle, as sex is one of the fastest and the easiest way to enter trance state

And as a thumb rule for occult practices as well, the more whole-heartedness, the totality you will have, the more effective your ritual will be.

And if you add the power of Kundalini, then results are manifold.

Although for super advanced techniques, “Diksha” (spiritual initiation) from a Guru is an absolute must, because there is in-inevitably a point of no control for both the male and female practitioner, at that point only a thrid party, who is actually already stable at higher state of conscious than what both partner achieve in that union also, he needs to direct their energies upwards.

Still, many safe to practice version of this meditations can be learnt, and we do offer basic training for that.

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