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Tantra as Meditation

As soon as people think of word Meditation, they get image of someone sitting with crossed legs, closed eyes, trying to contemplate/focus on something…

But Tantrik meditations are much more versatile than that!

The Tantrik Meditation Follow a totally different Approach from the Yogic Meditation

Increase in quality of “Shakti Tatwa” (manifest being parts, like making mind body soul more clear and stable)… Leads to Increase in quality of Shiva Tatwa (The self Awareness, state of being)  <— YOGA TYPE

While Increase in quality of “Shiva Tatwa” (The Self Awareness, state of being)… actualy leads to Increase in quality of Shakti Tatwa (manifest being parts, making mind body soul more clear and stable) <— TANTRA TYPE

A great quote, like Osho called it path of “Indulgence with Awareness”, the path of Tantra in based on using any means to increase consciousness,
The main objective is to increase awareness. And ability to remain in that state.

And the truth is, as Shiva himself said it, in Kali Yuga, Tantrik Meditations and rituals are the fastest

And when its said of Tantra ritual for meditation, most people can only think of worshiping some deity and chanting thousand of mantra, but Please, thats not it!

Every action of daily life… 5 senses eating, smelling, viewing, hearing, sleeping… even negative moods like Anger etc…  can be entered consciously, meditatively to increase spiritual level, and this is more subtle end of Tantra.

And invariably, such action is spontaneous,. tension free and better executed! The final state is, being blissful observer of letting all happen through the God within!

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