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Tantra as Occult

Tantra Sadhna

Before we elaborate on how Tantra is used as occult, Firstly, please understand the terms :

Sadhna = A Technique of Spiritual Practice
Sadhan = Means (here for spiritual practice)
Sadhya = The Desired Result as self spiritual growth (which would mean rise of consciousness, hence closeness to god and increase in instinctive Sattvikta) and/or material gain

“””Tantra Sadhna””” = A systematic form of worship and meditation, for harnessing energies of higher realms (spiritual world) for spiritual and/or material growth.

And then the Trinity of Words :

Tantra = Tan ka Tran (protection by expansion of body)
Mantra = Man ka Tran (protection by expansion of Mind)
Yantra = A Geometrical Representation (Energy Diagram) of Deities Astral Body to connect to him.

A Real Tantra Sadhna starts with initiation from a Guru who gives a Diksha (Energy Transfer) along with Shiksha (technical knowledge and mantra according to your specific soul nature), and then seeker has to go through many stages as his Sadhna matures gradually… taking higher level initiations. The path to complete Siddhi of Isht leads to Self Realization and “Moksha” (enlightenment) itself!


A Quick View of World Occult History

Tantra Traditions Worldwide

There have been many forms of occult around the world…

Shamans… The African Vodoo… The European root Witchcraft Chinese Magic
And then, later developed Buddhist cum Tibetan Occult Practices too

If you read and compare anyone of this with Tantrik Occult, you will realize in no time, that Tantra Occult is by far the most well explained and deeply researched form of any of these.
And whatever you can achieve by any of these, you can achieve must faster and better by Tantrik Occult.
Infact, you will realize, that all these are also, some type of Tantras only!

Still the fact is, when using spiritual powers for solving worldly purposes, then one has to be more careful with morality, the karmik intention. As Tantra is pure science.

Also the fact to remember is, Tantras for spiritual growth cannot be totally separated from Tantras for wordly gains.

In reality, even to be use certain Tantras for worldly gains, one needs to have some spiritual level. A basic spiritual knowledge and practice base is required to be able to use ones spiritual power for worldly purpose too. So building the level of subtle consciousness, inner vision is always first step.

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