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Types of Tantra

As we disclosed before, in reality, Tantra is the Authentic word for systematic path to supreme, even in Vedas, the most ancient and authentic text of Indian Spirituality (Sanatan Dharma).

So it is must to understand the systematic structure of Tantra, which is primarily divided into two forms as :


Agam Tantra Nigam Tantra
Pra-Vritti Marga
(Path of Going with the Flow of Desires to go beyond them)
Ni-vritti Marga
(Path of Going Against Desires to go beyond them)

***Please Note :

a) At first, It may naturally sound tempting to almost all people to choose Pra-vritti Marga that goes by indulgence of desires… thats because in reality, happiness through fulfillment of desires is the only good feeling, experience they have had.

But once you really experience that state beyond, you will bored with futility of even happiness… which inherently comes with the other opposite sadness in some quantity!

For the more realized ones, there is only one desire, desire to go beyond desire! It may sound paradox but its true. Some try to call is “Nishkaam Sadhna”, or only God Realization but it is a desire anyways.

b) In reality, No path is on extreme.
Its not as if you totally give up or kill every desire/instinct on Nigam Path.
Not is it that you blindly indulge into every desire/instinct on Agam Path.

It is really the collective policy, the method of channelizing the Shakti which matters. The degree matters as per core nature of ones soul.


The Standard Chart of Tantra Paths, when classified on basis of Achar (nature of behavior), then it stands something like this :

(Preface Note : Every thing in the manifest universe, may it be from physical world or metaphysical (one you cannot see) can be of three types.. the physical things, even thoughts… type of intellects and peoples soul

Satwa = Light Purity
Raja = Desire Passion Action

Tama = Inertia Ignorance

Everything is made of these three, only composition vary. The most important thing is composition of these in peoples mind and soul, one should choose a path as per his constitution.


Nigam Tantra (Yoga
Ana-Iccha Nadi)

Agam Tantra  (Iccha Nadi)



 – Raj Yoga
– Hath Yoga
– Bhakti Yoga
– Mantra Yoga
– Sahaj Yoga
– Other Yoga…
Satwa Guna
(Vedic Agam Tantra)
Raja Guna
(Yamal Tantra)
Tama Guna
(like : Damar Tantra)
  Veda Achar

(As per Vedas)


(As per Vishnu)

Shaiv Achar

(As per
Shiva Tantras)

Vam Achar

(The Left Hand Path of Tantra)

Kula Achar
(The Path of Spontaneous Indulgence for Realisation)

***Note : Here i have written only clear titles till 3 Level Depth for basic information purpose, ahead of that i have given example by showing depth of Shaiv Achar till the most misunderstood and feared Aghor Path.

And there can another Classification on basis of the Sampraday (community of specific Gods/Deities). These are based on the Five absolute basic deities for every day worship too. These are :



Shaiv Tantra

(Worship of Shiva)

Shakt Tantra


(Path of Shakti)

Vaishnav Tantra


(Worship of Vishnu)

Ganpatya Tantra


(Worship of Ganesha)

Saurya Tantra


(Worship of Sun God)


The Problem of choosing right Path!

As you can see, the basis of classification and bifurcation of Tantra can be many!

For a new comer, all this can be very confusing!
Shiva himself gave 64 types of Tantras as the basic Tantras…. and there are really thousand of books on Tantra, it can be so very confusing.

And even for someone, who has been rigorously trying to study Tantra and its various form, even for him its so difficult to determine which path or method is best for him.

In such a case, there is only one last resort, a Guru.

The Need of a Guide : Guru

As they say “Winners teach you how to win!”

A Guru is someone who has already mastered the science or art you want to excell in.

A Guru is someone who can directly look into the absolute basic foundation of a seekers soul, and tell him the best path for him for his spiritual and material growth simultaneously.

He will correctly asses the basic nature of ones soul… Sattwa Raja Tama.
He will see the accumulated Sanskar (Mental Impression) and karma record of life.
He will also see, how the predominant Guna is manifesting… like if seeker is Raja predominent, then exactly what kind of desires the seeker has.

And he will also try to find a way of getting those desires fulfilled in such a way that the seeker gets happiness, and yet he is not attached to them, and gets spiritual growth even by part indulgence at places.

So you can imagine, it is a tough job, an expert level job, thats why we call Guru a Master.

The Right Path for you :

We help you select the best path as per your soul needs for your material and spiritual growth.
These are the most popular types of Tantra we provide :

(Please click on these links for a brief introduction)

Shiva Tantra (Shaiv)

Shakti Tantra (Shakt)

Kundalini Tantra

Vishnu Tantra (Vaishnav)

Ganesha Tantra (Ganpatya)

Surya Tantra (Saurya)

And you can check out ” More Types of Tantra ” a very short description of whole list of base Tantras.

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