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Ganesha Tantra

 Lord Ganesha is Worshiped in the Ganpatya Sampradaya

Althoguh, as per the Puranas of Hindu Mythology, it is commonly thought Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Shakti (Parvati), but

In reality, Ganesha, is another direct form of Par-Bhram (supreme god), who chose to make his way
Even in his manifest form as Ganesha, god maintained his exceptionally high qualities which usually diminish as he takes more denser forms.

That is why Ganpatya is also another path in Tantra for attaining God.

There are many Puranic Stories which give many stories related to Ganesha.

Out of which most important one is

a) His Birth

b) His Temporary Death

Due to that, he is called “Pratham Pujya”

Infact, in India when people have to say “Lets Start a thing”, they say “Lets do Shri Ganesh of This thing”.

That is why, in reality, he is part of every Nigam or Agam Tantra!

He is simply all applicable.


Ganesha Tantra :

Ganesha can be worshiped in All three Modes : Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik.

A Guru only thoroughly examines a disciples soul nature and tells him the right method.

In Satvik Method, the “Vinayak” form is beneficial.

In Rajsik Method, the “Gajanan” from is beneficial.

In Tamsik Method, the “Ucchisht Ganpati” form is beneficial.

A lot fo Paishachik (spirit) Tantras are said to be offshoot of this.


The Benefits of Ganesha Tantra :

1) Ganesha is essentially the first to be worshipped deity, it is only after his worship that one can be success in any other Puja (worship) or Sadhna (spiritual practice).

2) Ganesha is the only god who can provide Spiritual and Material Growth at same time! Exactly same time.

3) Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati, he is the husband of Sidhi (accomplishment) and Budhi (wisdom goddess), he is the father of Shubh (asupiciousness) and Labha (profits, fortunes), hence his worship is equivalent to worship of all these gods!

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