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Kundalini Tantra

The True Definition of : Kundalini Tantra

This is a fairly newly used term among Tantra enthusiast, new since Tantra is thousands of years old and this term seemed to hyped in during last 50 years of so… but there are many myths regarding it, so firstly, lets clear one major one,

“Kundali Shakti is NOT Sex energy”.
The only relation between sex and kundalini is that, it lies dormant in a center below it, and hence when it rises, only in the first stage when is passes through sex center.

Kundalini = Residing in the Kunda, Base sea
Shakti = Energy

Sex Energy just means “Kaam Shakti”, which is in reality the desire/drive for sex and the potential of genitals.

In human beings, the “Prana Shakti” (Vital Energy) moves through either :

a) Pingla Nadi
(Red in Diagram, Right brain, Male half, Positive, causal of Sympathetic Nervous System, fight mechanism)

b) Ida Nadi
(Blue in Diagram, Left brain, female half, Negative, causal of Sympathetic Nervous System, flight mechanism)

But there is a third Channel also…

c) Sushmana Nadi
(Yellow One in diagram, this is core of Para-Sympathetic nervous system)

This is closed at bottom of spine for most part, it opens only for very minute periods, few minutes in a day. , but through yogic or tantrik techniques, this is opened at will.

When the same Prana Shakti, is made to enter the Sushmana vein/tunnel, then its frequency increases and it takes form of Kundalini energy. So you can call is more its more refined and subtle form of base Shakti,

This energy is capable of totally opening up the higher chakras.

The Three Energy Channels

a) Ida
b) Pida
c) Sushmana


  The True Purpose of Kundalini :

Although most people these days are selling Kundalini yoga/tantra by claiming it to be some method to achieve greatest ability to have highest sexual orgasmic experiences… in reality, this is downright wrong and disastrous lie.

The True Purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to stepwise fully activate the Chakra System.

The theory of Kundalini says, until and unless Kundalini shakti is awakened and risen, one inner consciousness cannot build.

A simple example is Sex Desire..

Why is everyone plagued and so deeply infatuated by it?
That simply because kundalini is sleeping beneath it, and whenever it tries to move up, it strikes that center, which creates the wild instinct and most people just let it out.

But once Kundalini is consciously moved above it, then one is freed from this.

The rise of Kundalini increases Qaulity of consciousness as per the Chakra it passes, which automatically provides deeply imbedded spiritual wisdom and hence freedom from bondage’s as:

When Kundalini Passes Mooladhar, root Chakra, then one gains consciousness and spiritual wisdom enough  to be free from bondages of Material World.

At Swadhinisthan, the Sex chakra, one is free of sexual lust bondage.
At Manipura, Belly or Solar Plexus Chakra, one is free from social belonging need bondage.
At Anahat, heart charka, one is free from emotional attachment bondage.
At Vishuddha, one is free from speech and intellect need bondage.
At Agya Chakra, one is free from self study need bondage.

And finally when kundalini reaches Sahasrar, one attains state of super conscious.

A hint of Experience : The state of experiencing fully activated Kundalini…

If all this sounds too technical and only imaginative, you find hard to relate its practical feeling, then think about it

When the experience of your life’s best sex… the best orgasm… which hardly accounts for very partial experience of the sleeping kundalini at the lowest chakra… when that can be so very overwhelming and magistic..

Then the magical experience of fully awakened kundalini at Sahasrar, it hundred times higher than that! That is why it is called “Param-Ananda Awastha” (Supreme Bliss State).

So please remember, If done properly in guidance, then Kundalini Tantra is among the fastest way of God Realization!


  The Methods of Awakening and Raising Kundalini :

1) Yogic Method
(This is more or less done by hatha Yoga techniques and little Kriya Yoga at times, please check our Hatha Yoga Page)

Most of it includes forcing the Vital breath, the Prana inside the Ida or Pingla, and then directing is downwards towards root, and from their lifting it inside Sushmana itself. So it includes lots of sucking in movements, upside down postures, breathing intensely (like Bhastrika to open Sushmana and heat body). However, this is a very intense operation, and any effort to raise kundalini before the physical and mental body are ready, are fatal. So MUST take proper guidance, and gradually raise.


 2) Mantra Method
Spiritual Scientist have found that specific sound vibration and contemplation on them, can be used to awaken and rise the Kundalini too. Every Chakra has its unique Beej mantras like

1. Root Chakra = Lum
2. Sacral Chakra = Vum
3. Navel Chakra = Ram
4. Heart Chakra = Yam
5. Throat Chakra = Ham
6. Third Eye Chakra = Nam
7. Crown Chakra = Om

As well as “Mool Mantra” (combination of beej mantras and sanskrit word with specific manifest meaning) which produces specific sound vibrations to stimulate and activate the chakra. First the base is opened, then root chakra is opened… and in progressive manner one opens upto the 7th Chakra, crown Chakra.

This is the safest steady method.


3) Tantra Method (Kundalini Tantra)

This is by far the fastest method, it may be little complicated at times… because very word Tantra means technique, so it may use combination of Yoga and Mantra and Sex.

Some Tantras prescribe specific Mantra Chanting during sexual intercourse (This is usually Shakti side Vaam Margi Tantra, one needs to be Initiated in that Mantra before this, he need to master this mantra first)

Some Tantras prescribe having sex in specific “Mudras” postures with consciousness. (A lot of training in these postures and breathing for consciousness is required for this)

Some Tantras prescribe use of Alchemical Method during intercourse. (Rasayan Tantra Method)

Please contact your Guide for precise technique for your mind body type.


 Please Note :


Kundalini shakti is the base of all your spinal cord, brain and nervous sytem working, any mistake in awakening or raising of Kundalini can lead to serious physical and mental health hazards. Most people who have tried this by themselves, have either ended up becoming mentally unstable for rest of their life and others have nucontrollable physical symptoms like increased body temperature, increased heart beat, even heat attacks etc.. and if the suffering person is not brought to an awakened master (one who has mastered his own kundalini by grace of his master), then without him, this can even lead to death.

And in reality, Kundalini shakti is so sutble energy, it can damage chakra system, hence the Astral and mental body, which are actually part of your soul that carries to next life, hence the damage can be for lives together!.

Please, if all you want is to have some great Sex… then just got to some sex exercise or kama sutra expert, and even while act of sex, just do your stuff and be done, do not even think about Kundalini.

If you are serious about spiritual growth through Kundalini tantra, then you Must take proper guidance at every step. This is for your best interest, Thank You.

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