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Shakti Tantra

The All Pervasive Shakti:

The Literal Meaning of the word Shakti is Energy.

For those who like to understand things in Bhakti, Devotional manner.. , you can say it is the female aspect of God.

For those who like to understand things in Scientific Manner, Shakti means the pure energy in the Universe.

Shakti is the Primordial Mother. This is a concept mostly missing in western cultures, and due to this, their understanding of the subtle levels of creation of the creator is missing. One must know Shakti, to know the subtle secrets, and in reality, Maa Shakti only introduces one to father Shiva, the pure consciousness, brahman as in Vedas.

She is Beloved Mother.

Maa Jagdamba = Maha Saraswati + Maha Lakshmi + Maha Kalika

These are the energies of three basic gods = Brahma + Vishnu + Mahesh

Please Note :
a) Shakt Tantra Sadhnas can be done in all three modes, that is Satvik Rajsik or Tamsik.
b) Shakt Tantra Sadhnas can be done for spiritual growth as well as material growth, worldly purpose.

In the Shakti Sadhna, Come the Omnipotent 10 Maha vidya Sadhna, they are basically divided into two categories of Kali Kula and Shri Kula These are the 10 manifest forms of Shakti

The word Maha Vidya literally means “Great knowledge”, it is said so they also hold the secret of the 10 stages of Universe, and also the 10 omni potent functional energies of Supreme God to run this universe, so by meditating upon them and mastering their mantra by Sadhna, one is able to realize the most subtle functional secrets of universe, and also if need be, how to use them for mass good. (Really, Maha vidyas are highest energies, they are required for Big purposes, and depending upon ones soul nature, each is in itself door to Moksha.

However, the stepwise Diksha Shiksha Sadhna system is more prevalent, so lets have a very brief look at the 10 Goddess:

I) Kali Kula

1) Kali

The word Kali Literally means “Black One”. She is a goddess of Dark night. She is said to have originated from angry third eye of Durga (cumulative form of three base goddesses), when she was frustrated during battle with demon Mahishasura, she got angry and took terrifying and ferocious form of Kalika, she did destroy all demons and held Mahishasura head in one arm, but after that there was no stopping her, she became uncontrollable destruction for a while, so Shiva had to land himself to her feet to make her conscious and stop.

She is first among the Mahavidya and said to be the base of all Mahavidya.

2) Tara

The literal meaning of Tara is “Star One”. She is also a goddess of night. It is said, mool devi Kali takes form of Tara, from Black to Blue. If whole lifespan of universe is thought of as 1 day, If Kalika rules the deep night, 10pm to 4am, then Tara is that 4am to 6am time. The early dawn, first ray of light, like a star.

She is also standing on corpse, body wrapped by snakes, but she has smile on her face, as her dark Kali form starts to get pacified somewhat.

Her Sadhna is mild fierce, and it bestows knowledge (light), Intelligence and immense wealth.

3) Chinnamasta

The word “Chinna” means Cut and “Masta” means head, hence she is the “Cut Head” goddess… one who beheaded herself. Devi herself is said beholder of Satwa Guna as according to one store, out of utmost compassion once she beheaded herself to feed her servants by her blood, while her two lady servants Jaya and Vijaya, as symbolic of the red Ramsik one and black Tamsik one.

And she stands the copulating coupe of kamdeva and Rati (God and Goddess of Sex), as centered in Navel Chakra, showing Victory over previous Sexual Chakra.

However, her Sadhna is an extremely “Ugra” (fierce) one, and only the highest level of Sadhaks are able to take it, her Diksha is towards stage of Shakti sadhna.

II) Shri Kula

4) Bhuvaneshwari

The word “Bhuvan” means “House” while “Ishwari” means goddess, so she is the goddess of world.

The word “Bhuvan” (home) is actually more intimate than word “Pura” (City)… so is actually, more subtle and intimate if compared to other Maha Vidya as “Tri Pura Sundari” or “Tri-pura Bhairavi”.

She is the absolute abode of most subtle form of Shakti, the “Hreem” Beej Mantra form.

Her sadhna is a very saumya sadhna, and it requires a very subtle level for the sadhak to realize her.

5) Shodashi (Shri Lalita Tripur Sundari)

The word Shodashi literally means the “Sixteen Year Old One”.  She is called by other names as well, like Shri Lalita (beautiful one), also “Tripur Sundari” (Three City/Realm Beauty).

Her Sadhna is Saumya Sadhna, so it is safe for most. She is the beholder of the famous “Shri Yantra”. Her sadhna is complex, so is her Yantra, as it has stepwise worship of all levels of Shakti manifestation.

And very rightly, Shri Yantra itself said to be enough for Kundali Activation too, as it shows all states from totally outer look to building inner look and then being immersed with the infinite within. (which is like the dot in her yantra).

Since her worship includes all these states, She is actually a Central Goddess in 10 Maha Vidya, and her sadhna is primarily done for all round success in all 4 goals of human life, viz “Dharma Artha Kama Mosksha” (morality, money, desire, enlightenment).

6) Tripur Bhairvi

She is the “Bhairvi of Tripur”, meaning the Keeper fo Three City. Now  unlike Tri pura Sundari, she has a more fearful appearance, due to the garland and skulls in her neck… as that is garland of demons head. So she symbolizes protecting one from the demons by beheading them.

Her Sadhna is medium Ugra Saumya, slightly towards Ugra side, she provides protection and fearlessness.

7) Dhoomavati

The word “Dhooma” means smoke, hence Dhoomavati is the smoky one. She is said to engulf her own husband Shiva when she was hungry and he didn’t replied, but Shiva being immortal, came out of her as smoke.

She is a Very powerful goddess, the core causal energy of Supreme God to cause pain, misery, sorrow, poverty and all that is unholy. One should not worship her at home, or if in last resort he has to, then he should take complete precaution and correct preventive measures from his Guru.

Her Sadhna is a very Ugra sadhna, it may start with extreme restlessness and chaos… but it finally leads to a state of total silence, absolute stillness. She makes one experience the state of universe when there was nothing… absolutely nothing… that is Samadhi.

The ultimate goal of Spiritual growth is to take one beyond happiness and sadness, good and bad… and she is the one beyond to that supereme state state. Hence only absolute sincere sadhaks should do her sadhna, especially  Sanyasi (renunciation person).

8) Baglamukhi

Coming from the disoriented version of word “Valga Mukhi” = Fire Face,
She is called the “Pitambara Vidya” meaning the “Yellow Goddess”. Apparently, even fire looks yellow when hot.

She is the utmost power of Stambhan (Stopping).

At Spiritual Level, she causes Stambhan (pausing) of ones mind, which absolute essential for meditation and yoga.

At material level. for worldly purpose, she causes Stambhan, stopping of your enemies.

She is usually worshiped to win lawsuits, stop people from conspiring against you, but for true Shakti Upasak seeking ultimate realization, she is stage of learning self restrains beyond lower pulls.

9) Matangi

The Word “Matang” is one name of Lor Shiva, hence Mantangi is one Shakti of Shiva. She is called “Bhoga Adhishtatri Devi” meaning the base Goddess fore indulgence. She provides all comforts and sensual pleasures.  She causes attraction power. And manner of speech is major contributor to it, so she gives the inherently ability to mesmerize every one by your body language and speech. The result of such mesmerization, ofcourse helps one gain name, fame, wealth!

10) Kamlatmika

Also known as Kamla, her name Literally means “Kamal”, that is Lotus. She is the one who sits on Lotus.

She invariably an evolved form of Lakshmi (wealth goddess), and she provides Immense Wealth in every aspect of Life.

Material wealth, includes much more than money… includes, land, speech, good family..

Spiritual wealth, includes self knowledge, soul centering…

She is also called “Jagat Prasuti” in her mantra, the nourishes and preserver of world, hence she helps one attain the feeling of being fulfilled and calm within.

And then there is very important

 Ved Mata Gayatri  (The Mother of Vedas)

The entire vedic wisdom, the power of all vedic hymn is said to be equated by one mantra, that is Gayatri Mantra. She is the essence of all Shakti.

Gayatri Mantra is called Maha Mantra.

Gayatri mantra (power of this goddess) is used in countless ways. So many Astras (Astral Weapon) are formed by systematic Anulom Vilom of the mool Mantra.

Every deity has his own Gayatri.

Although, this mantra is literally meant to invoke connection between a persons higher self and physical self, as one asks Savitu (Sun) to provide him wisdom. Its like if you always know how to do something, you will never be in tension.

But in reality, this one mantra can provide altmost everything one can think of, or cannot even think of!

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