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Shiva Tantra

The God of Gods : Shiva

As classification of “Spiritual Tantra” on basis of Sampraday… Shiva Tantra is authentically called the Shaiv, is also a stand alone Path to supreme.

Shiva is called Mahadeva = Great God, the God of the Gods. The master of the masters. The primordial God and Guru. Infact, whole Tantra is said to be Shiva teaching.

If vedas are said to be Brahmas teaching, then Tantra is said to be Shivas teaching.

Actually see the Primordial form of Shiva, as Panch-Vaktra-Shiva (5 Faced Shiva), then that knowledge which came from his upward face was said veda, and that which came from downward face was called Tantra.

All the Nathas you hear, they are followers of Shaiv Tantra.

Shiva has thousands of form, and all have their importance.


Tantrokt Shiva Poojan :
(Tantra Manner Shiva Worship)

Shiva can be worshipped in all 3 forms : Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik.

In Satvik form, his Shiva form is most beneficial.
As Shiva, he is benevolent one, he is the provider of mental peace and spiritual upliftment.

In Rajsik form, his Rudra form is most beneficial.
As Rudra, he is the Angry Fiery one, who actively fights the evils.

In Tamsik Form, his Aghora form is most beneficial.
As Aghora, he is the Dark one, who actively Annhilates the evils.


Benefits of Shiva Tantra :

1) Shiva is the God of the Gods, he is highest god, so in reality whatever can be attained by any other god, can be attained through him.

3) Among the Tri-Deva (three basic gods), he is the god of Dissolution, hence through him one can destroy his worst enemies like physical mental diseases.

3) Among his Many form, his Maha-Mrityunjaya form is very auspicious, as it actually combines his 3 forms : Sada Shiva, Mrityunjaya, Maha Rudra.

In this form, he is the Ultimate Healer for all sorts of physical and mental diseases. The ultimate remedy for overcoming misfortunes and untimely death, even with most intense spiritual root cause.

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