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Surya Tantra (Sun God)

The Significance of Sun God:

Among the 5 Basic Classifications of Spiritual Tantra on basis of Sampradya…
Sun is worshipped in the “Saurya Sampraday”.

Infact, not just in Indian Sanatan Dharma, but world over, the seekers of Light, and the worshipers of Light, have often found sun as source of positivity.

Even modern science agrees, sun is the source of all energy on planet earth… it may be through fuel like coal,  petroleum oils etc… energy for wind, energy for water… light energy for plants to produce… infact so many more ways, the whole planet is basically depended on sun.  (except for Nuclear Energy, but then that’s spirituality at even basic! Nuclear energy is source for sun itself)

At mental level, a mere look at sun provides hope and positivity, it provides joy and courage to heart. It may sound as a mere result psychological belief for most people… but the fact is, there is definite spiritual science behind this psychology. Although many modern psychologist try to sell you fact… that fear for darkness is a primitive fear, which has been passed on genetically.

But at a spiritual level, for those who can sense spiritual energies and entities, they know, whole universe works on basically two energies, positive and negative, and that Sun is really a mega source of Positive Energy!

That’s why, because of its physical, mental and most of all, Spiritual significance, Sun Worship is found common practice in so many civilizations. And as per authentic Sanatan Dharma and Tantra Shastra also, Sun is a definite medium for path to divine. Infact, sun is called a Living Physical Symbol of the Par-Braham Parmatma (Highest God, Supreme Soul)


Sun Yantra with Mantra = Om Ghrini Adityay Namah

Tantrokt Surya Poojan
(Sun Worship In Tantra Manner)

That path of Surya Tantra is essentially completely a Path of Light. Its a very Satvik Tantra for most part, based on Purity, knowledge and positivity.

For many people, their basic soul nature resonates more closer to Sun energy.

There are many Mantras and Tantras for sun itself.

The 12 Arts of Sun and its 12 Energies are considered important parts of Sun Worship.
(Please see the Video Below to Hear 12 Mantras with the written Meaning of Mantras)


The Benefits of Surya Tantra :

1) Sun is the Lord of 9 Planets, in reality worshiping sun alone rectifies many astrological problems of othe r8 planets in your birth chart.

2) Sun is the karka (causal) of Eyes, it improves eyes sight. Also opening of Third eye for universal intuitions. (which is actually base of all so called psychic abilities)

3) Sun is the Karka of Tej (Asbolute Fire Element), it provides vitality in mind and body.

4) Sun is the karka of Rajya (Administration), for those aspiring government jobs or any administrative job, control, having a strong sun by their side is a must!

5) Sun is the Living symbol of Supreme God, deeper meditation on it through Mantra and Tantra, definitely leads to supreme realizations and cosmic union!

The Real Experience of Sun Tantra :

Its hard to explain a taste to someone who hasnt tasted it, and even those who have.. people can only try to understand or feel in relativity…

Here, this video is a little sample of what Surya Sadhna feels like it, multiply this by 1000 atleast to get hang of the real thing 😉

Please watch this short audio-video clip for experience the vibrations and energy of Sun by Mantra Chants.

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