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Vishnu Tantra

Among the 5 Basic Classifications of Spiritual Tantra on basis of Sampradya…

Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the Vaishnav Tantra.

Shri Vishnu is one of the 3 basic gods of Sanatan Dharma, he is the Preserver of the world. He is said to manifest in human form in every Era (Yuga) to relive world from the suffering by evil souls. (who upon being demolished by him also attain their Moksha!)

He has many incarnations.
He is worshiped in this different Avtars (incarnation), Out of which, Krishna, Rama, Narmsimha are more common.


Tantrokt Vishnu Poojan :

Shri Vishnu can also be worshipped in all three forms : Satvik, Rajsik, Tamsik.

In Satwa, his Narayan form is most important

In Raja, his Narsimha form is very important. He is the protector.

in Tama, his Varah form is most important.


Benefits of Vishnu Tantra :

1) Shri Vishnu is the presever aspect of God, once in his shelter, he oversees preservation and optimization of every aspect of your life.

2) Shri Vishnu is the husband of Shri lakshmi (goddess of weatlh), in reality it is only upon inheritance of his nature in a person through his worship, that Shri Lakshmi can be made stable in anyones life or home. It is only through Vishnu that Lakshmi can be made stable.

3) Shri Vishnu is the Upholder of Satwa Guna (purity qualities) in universe, hence he provides fastest liberation to Satvik devotees.

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