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The Origin and Evolution of Yoga :
Since time Immemorial India has been said to be the heart of Spirituality in the World. And in the written format, its spiritual wisdom has passed since thousands of years in the form of :The Four Vedas… to 108 Upnishads… to Six Darshans… to Mimansa and later to Thousands of Shastras by many seers later like Patanjali.Yoga is one of the 6 Darshans of Indian Classical Spiritual Texts, it is called “Yoga Darshan”.Actually, the Primordial Word as in Veda’s is Tantra, where in

Agam Tantra = Tantra
Nigam Tantra = Yoga

These are the two basic approaches towards the goal of Spiritual union.

The literal meaning of the word “Yoga is Union”, and hence the Aim of Yoga is primarily Union of Soul with the Supreme Soul.

The Path of Yoga is journey to Yourself, your inner light, the Divinity within..

The Purpose of Yoga :Yoga is a practice to integrate (do union of) an individuals, Mind and Body, Heart and Soul…
To unite, the Physical, Astral (Emotional), Mental (Intellectual) and Spiritual (Consciousness) Aspects of a human being, to help him reach beyond the sadness happiness of duality, experience the Spiritual Bliss.Although it is a very ancient science, still, Yoga is an evergreen spiritual science, which has it’s relevance for every human in every “Yuga” (Era). — (Yoga for Every Yuga)
The science of Yoga is as old as Himalayan Mountains, but in applicability, it is always as new… as overnight dew.Since every individual is unique, hence there are many types of path within the Yogic thought and we provide specific packages.Please check the page “Types of Yoga” to know various sub paths and their relevance and benefits as per your needs.

To Cleanse and Unite physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of Self with Supreme Self, that is Yoga.


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