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Bhakti Yoga

The literal meaning of word Bhakti is “Devotion”, hence Bhakti Yoga is the path of Devotion. A path more suited for “Heart oriented” people, who feel highest bliss by emotion of love.

This is path of “Union by Love for God“, that’s why you give yourself to him! Actually, devotion means a major let go, a surrender. Its about how you can dissolve more of yourself into God .

And the truth is, this is the Highest Yoga. although anyone can practice is… this is one yoga which definitely doesn’t have any precaution or side effects… still in practicality, this for the upper grade sadhak in any Path,

Thats because, for most people in world, God is only a dream or thought or theorem or concept of some kind… but for the spiritually awakened one, God is a living experience, only when you have known it/him, you can surrender to him!

And surrender to Supreme is the Supreme Bliss!


According to Bhagwad Puran, 9 parts of Narada Navdha Bhakti are:

1) Shravan = To Listen
2) Keertan = To Sing
3) Smaran = To Remember
4) Padya Sevan = To Serve Feet
5) Archan = To Offers
6) Vandana = To Sing Praises
7) Sakha-bhav = To be Friendly with everyone treating them manifestation of God.
8) Atma-bhavna = To Feel Oneness in God.
9) Atma-Nivedan = To dedicate all physical mental self to God


1. Shravanm Bhakti

A devotee “listens” to the divine names and qualities of God   .

2. Kirtnam Bhakti

A devotee “sings” bhajans-kirtans about the names, deeds and other divine qualities of God.


3. Smarnam Bhakti

A devotee constantly “Remembers” and meditates on the names and lilas of God    .

4. Paad-Sevan Bhakti

A devotee does “service” of God’s divine feet.

5. Archnam Bhakti

A devotee performs seva (offerings) to a form of God as Idol/symbol of God.

6. Vandnam Bhakti

A devotee Prostrates before God.

 7. Dassyam Bhakti

A devotee becomes a volunteer servant in the service of God and dedicates all his actions to Him.

8. Sakhay Bhakti

A devotee worships God in the form of a truly whole hearted friend and cultivates his friendship, this leads to feeling “Atma Bhavna” with God (inner self).


9. Atma-Nivedan Bhakti

A devotee dedicates all his body and material possessions to God, asking him for stable state of endless devotion at heart.

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