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More Paths Of Yoga

There are many other paths within Yoga approach to God, these have been developed over centuries by various self realized seers which are best suited for specific people.

(Please Note : We are presenting these for basic information purpose only)

Kundalini Yoga
(Path of Awakening Primordial Energy of Chakras for Super Consciousness)

Actually, this is directly or indrectly done through all the paths of Yoga. But primarily it is done through Ha-Tha yoga techniques which directly deals with the Nadi System and activating energies. Please see Hatha Yoga Page.

Note : Kundalini Yoga is Different from Kundalini Tantra. These are two totally different Method for same goal. (And as you will read there, it is also possible by Mantra Yoga)


 Gyan Yoga
(Path of Knowledge and Self Contemplation Study – An Eight Fold Path)

According to Brahma Sutra, this is also 8 fold path as
1) Vivek = Conscience
2) Vairagya = Un-attachment to topic of study
3) Tapas = To remain still in extremes during study
4) Sam-Dama = To be unbiased in study
5) Up-rati = Superficial/outer study. (Like Anatomy of Matter/Subject)
6) Titiksha = To critically analyse (like Physiology of Matter/Subject)
7) Samadhan = Solution
8) Shraddha = Faith


 Buddha Yoga
(Path of Buddha – Middle/Moderation – An Eight Fold Path)

1) Samyak Dristhi = Moderate Vision
2) Samyak Sankalp = Moderate Resolution
3) Samyak Vachan = Moderate Speech
4) Samyak karmant = Moderate Action
5) Samyak Aajivikam = Moderate Earning
6) Samyak Vyayam = Moderate Exercise
7) Samyak Smriti = Moderate Remembrance (to reduce emotional attachment)
8) Samyak Samadhi = Moderate Meditation (To reduce Ego of even meditation)


Laya Yoga
(Path of Flow – A Nine Fold Path)

1) Yama = To control outer senses
2) Niyam = To control inner senses
3) Sthool Kriya = By Asan Mudra to control physical body
4) Sookshma Kriya = By Pranayam Swarodaya to cleanse Energy and harmonize mind.
5) Pratyahar = To rid mind of needless thoughts.
6) Dharna = To Contemplate on 6 Chakra
7) Dhyan = To meditate on pure energy as Bindu (dot) on third Eye
8) Laya Kriya = Following Guru consciousness at 7th Chakra
9) Samadhi = Maha Laya (The Supreme Flow of Divine)


 Kriya Yoga
(Active Union of Conscious and Subconscious Mind)

1) Tapa = To remain still in physical and mental extremes.
2) Swa-Adhyay = Self Study
3) Ishwar Pranidhan = Surrender to God


Naam Sankeertan Yoga
(Name Chanting Path)

To Establish Mental Chanting of God in every Breath
To dissolve ones mind, intellect and self in the Name of God.


 Karma Yoga
(Path of Righteous Action)

This is practiced as per the Instructions given by Lord krishna in Bhagwat Geeta.
8th Adhyay (Chapter), specially Shloka (hymn) 4, 5, 9, 19.

Any many more paths…

Although, most teacher prefer Raja Yoga for most people, but in practicality, it all depends on the experience and skill of the teacher to be able to find and educate the best path suited for individual client/student.

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