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Yoga as Meditation

The True Meaning of Yoga :

As per Yoga Darshan, the first sutra (thread of knowledge), says :
“Atha Yoga-Anushasnam” (This is Yoga discpline) while the second Sutra Defines Yoga as :

Yogash-Chitt Vritti Nirodh

The word by word literal Translation is :

Yogash = Yoga is
Chiit = Mind
Vritti = Thoughts
Nirodh = Stoppage/steadiness.

That means,
“Yoga is the state of stoppage/steadiness of the mind’s thoughts.”

(At such state, the Union Happens, a wonderful experience)

Yoga Abhyas = Yogic Practice
This is the act of trying to reach state of Yoga.

    The True Meaning of Yoga is Cosmic Union in the Mindless State.


 The True Goal of Yoga :

Consciously, or unconsciously, every action of every soul in the universe is directed to one same purpose, to achieve Happiness.

Only thing different is, their chosen object and path to it. And this is determined by their level of spiritual wisdom.

Someone thinks he becomes happy by earning lot of money, or fame or power or social recognition etc. (<— Rajsik Happiness, of gaining Pride by others Appreciations)

Someone thinks he can become happy only by taking his revenge with someone or seeing others hurt… (<—-Tamsik Happiness)

Someone feels, he becomes most happy by helping and healing people, to see others smile. (<— Satvik Happiness)

Still, most surprisingly, the biggest point which people miss is, the actual need is of the peace, but they get too tangled in the desires created by Ego which wants a different path to happiness…

That path is filled with desire to show other down someone, or possess someone one or something… only then you will feel happy? This is a illusion.

Many times in life, you really have to first become totally conscious about your choices of thoughts, action and the resulting emotions/situation and then choose, you want ahead :

Sadness generated by your stubborn ego which wants to stick old state…


Happiness generated by peaceful heart which offers new ways to be happy?

(Please remember : “Happiness is a feeling which is generated when some expectation is fulfilled. ” — And you can always choose to change that expectation. Till this point, is the understanding of common worlds psychology for a more happy life.

However, The insight and path of Yoga is much ahead. Where Psychology ends, Spirituality starts. As Spirit is the thing beyond mind.

Did you know : Happiness is feeling generated in a state where for a moment mind cases to be?

Did you Know : This state can be created at will, without being dependent on external event of fulfillment of any expectation.

Did you know: Happiness does not lie in the object outside but rather from a co-relating source within!

Did you know : You can always choose how to feel in every situation?
To tap that source within, should be the primary purpose of ones life!

Did you know,
Ananda = Bliss, is an experience, even higher than happiness?
Ananda happens when one is beyond happiness and sadness. The Word happiness may have an antonym of sadness, but word Ananda has no opposite antonym! It is such unique experience.

And even higher than Ananda, are the experience of peace and serenity.
Its like when Ananda (bliss) becomes stable, even more subtle experiences of Serenity is attained.

And did you know, all this is possible only when you reach the Goal of Yoga?

To help a person be free from the clutches of world and mind,
To help him rise above the unconscious rifts of happiness-sadness,
And experience the Serenity of Cosmic Union, that is the true purpose of Yoga

From being trapped in the Veil of unconscious rifts, of Happiness Sadness, like blindly floating on waves of Ocean form World.

To becoming a Conscious viewer of ones choices and emotions

And to finally tap into blissful  source within, to be independent for self peace, that is the path of meditation.


 The Meaning of Meditation :

The Word Meditation stems from the core word “Mediate”, which means to stay in the middle. So when you are trying to stay in the middle of your mind, then you are trying to do meditation.

Meditation can be called a Science, as it has a technique, and there are as many technique as many types of mind in this world. There is a definite procedure, method and verifiable principles. It has definite structure like pattern of gradually raising ones level of consciousness (awareness) to more subtle levels.

Meditation is an Art also, as how much success one gets with the technique, depends upon the level of dedication, wholeheartedness one puts in it. And gradually one’s quality of meditation increase, he becomes adept. An adept man applies this science better. Still, the commonly accepted definition is :

Meditation is the art of dropping all doer-ship and thinking, and becoming a viewer who only experiences peace.

Yoga is called the Path of Nigam Tantra, and the ultimate goal is to quantitatively and qualitatively increase the level of awareness. To Increase the level of consciousness, the observer within you.

The Qualitative increase in Consciousness is as :

1) Consciousness towards Physical Body = Your Physical Feelings
(In Asana the awareness is centered in the physical body, the annamaya kosha.)

2) Consciousness towards Energy Body = Being aware of Your Energy Level
(In Pranayama the awareness is centered in the pranic (bio-magnetic) body, the pranamaya kosha.)

3) Consciousness towards Mental Body = Observer of Your Thought and Emotions
(In Pratyahara the awareness is centered in the sensory mental body, the manomaya kosha.)

4) Consciousness towards Free Will Body = Aware of Your Decision Making
(In Dharana the awareness is centered in the intellect-intelligence body, the jnanamaya kosha.)

5) Consciousness towards Super Causal Body = Aware of most subtle likes and dislikes… and also the Subtle Ego of Feeling I am
(In dhyana the awareness is centered in the will-etheric body, the anandamaya kosha.)

6) And finally merging with the Super Conscious, being the Universal Witness.
(In samadhi the awareness transcends the bodies and unites with the atman-spirit.)

The Quantitative increase in ability to uphold conscious state is as :

Firstly, maybe few seconds
Then upto 5-10 mins
Then maybe 1-2 hours
Then upto few days.

And ultimately, every breath of your every day. And your whole life becomes a conscious meditation.

Consciousness is the most important word.
Self Awareness, gives self knowledge
Self knowledge, gives wisdom
And the deeply imbibed wisdom, gives self mastery.

Ultimately, you become master of your body and mind, master yourself. So, Yoga Sadhna is also a path of Self Mastery. You become master of every aspect of you, every aspect of your life, inside and out.

Gautam Buddhas final words were “Be a lamp unto yourself”

While Yoga Says:

From being a flickering candle… become the Sun in yourself!

The Pendulum of Mind in Maya

Slowly Stabilizes to Reach the Higher States towards…

The Serenity of Cosmic Union Through
Yogic Meditation

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