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Yoga as Therapy

A Mordern Term : Therapeutic Yoga

Since ages, there was no term as therapy of yoga but It is only recently that this word has come up.

Although Yoga was never intended to be a form of therapy as such… but as time has progressed, people have realized intense potential of Yoga to Alleviate even physical and mental diseases.

Most people do not understand exactly how Yoga offers therapy, in a way its a right question because the main goal of all yogic practice is Spiritual growth.

And the Truth is :
“””Therapy is not the aim of Yoga, rather, it is a very by Product of progress in initial stages of Yoga. “””

On path of Yoga :
“”””Spiritual Growth leads to Spiritual Healing.”””

It may be any physical health problem, emotional problem or mental problem of non clarity in life or whatever…
First your spiritual growth, increase in awareness takes place, and then Therapy happens by itself, as a by product.

Yoga meditation and Workouts are very helpful in healing full range of physical and mental ailments which primarily include :

Yoga for Weight Loss :

There are many Yogic Vyayam (exercises) and Asans (postures) which work extensively on burning the excess fat and making the muscles toned in the ideal shape for ones body frame.


Yoga for Pain Relief :

Although Yoga is not exactly Physiotherapy, but if you look at it deeply, then it offers almost everything physiotherapy does, only thing, better.

Yoga helps you overcome so many paints such as :

Lower Back Ache
Cervical Spondylosis
Knee Pan… etc

And that’s because Yoga focuses on cleansing not just the physical aspect, but even the emotional and mental aspects of you.


Yoga for Stress Relief :

Yoga and meditation helps you in :

Releasing the tensions in every cell tissue fiber muscle of body
Establishing a smooth breathing
And releasing unwanted thoughts, dissolving mind into your inner silence.

Hence Providing A Stable mind with clarity of concept, which is able to solve and deal with every problem in every situation!

Learn to live with mental balance, and peace at will.

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